Terms and conditions

General rule

  1. Everyone has the right to open only one account.
  2. It is forbidden to create multi-accounts.
  3. When the opening of multi-accounts or complaints about the opening of multi-accounts, the project will block multi-accounts without the return of the invested funds.
  4. If you want to earn several times more, you can use all three marketing plans.
  5. It is forbidden to buy, sell, resell previously activated accounts.
  6. Funds spent on the acquisition of levels can not be returned.
  7. The project is not responsible for the actions of partners.
  8. The project is not responsible for cash and internal transfers between partners.
  9. The project is not responsible for the correctness of the specified partners Bitcoin, Ethereum, PerfectMoney wallets.
  10. It is forbidden to SPAM and distribute inaccurate information about the marketing plans of the project.
  11. Partners are required to create a complex password to access the site and secure your account.
  12. If you find not the correct operation of the site, incorrect display or not display your partners in marketing, incorrect accrual of remuneration, please immediately inform the project by writing to the support team by e-mail support@cryptoprofitpro.info with the indication of logins and attaching screenshots.